Ruckus Wireless External Trademark Usage Guidelines

Last revised March 1, 2016

If you use Ruckus Wireless Trademarks, these guidelines apply to you. We use “Trademarks” to mean our registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks, logos, and trade dress, such as our barking dog logo and our orange and black colors. If you are authorized to use Ruckus Trademarks, please first check your agreement or any other guidelines provided to you by Ruckus for specific requirements applicable to your use of Ruckus Trademarks. Otherwise, follow these guidelines. These are guidelines, but not a license to use Ruckus Trademarks. No rights of any kind are granted under these guidelines, by implication or otherwise.

We consider our Trademarks to be among our most valuable intellectual property. The following guidelines will help you use our Trademarks properly and consistently and, in turn, help us protect our intellectual property and the strength of our brand. It’s imperative that you follow these guidelines when using any Ruckus Trademarks.

We may change these guidelines from time to time. We will try to make it known when we make changes, at a minimum by posting updates to our website at

Using Ruckus Trademarks

  • Logo Usage. Use of our logo for commercial purposes unless expressly authorized is prohibited.
  • Use Trademarks as Adjectives. In the first use, and then as often as reasonable, use any Ruckus Trademark as an adjective followed by the generic noun that it describes, such as “access point,” “controller” or “software.” You should not use our trademarks as nouns, verbs, or in the plural or possessive form. Please refer to the Ruckus Trademark List for the appropriate nouns to use with each Ruckus Trademark.


Correct Incorrect
The Ruckus R710 access point is designed to deliver high quality wireless connectivity Ruckus is a way to deliver high quality wireless connectivity
ChannelFly™ dynamic channel management technology Ruckus access points use ChannelFly™
Ruckus’s BeamFlex™ adaptive antenna technology is designed to maximize throughput BeamFlex maximizes throughput
  • Use Appropriate Trademark Symbols and Acknowledgements. Accompany Ruckus Trademarks with the appropriate trademark symbol (e.g., ®, ™ or ℠), which can be found on the Ruckus Trademark List. In all materials displaying a Ruckus Trademark, please identify Ruckus somewhere in the materials as the owner of the Trademark, e.g., “[insert mark(s)] [is a/are] trademark[s] or registered trademark[s] of Ruckus Wireless, Inc. in the United States and other countries.”
  • No Modifications. Always use the complete and proper spelling and capitalization of Ruckus Trademarks as reflected in the Ruckus Trademark List. This means you should not modify our Trademarks including by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, combining or hyphenating them with another word, symbol or number, changing their spelling, word sequence or typeface, or using improper capitalization.
  • Third Party Marks. Do not use, register or seek to register (in any jurisdiction) any mark or name that incorporates a Ruckus Trademark or that is confusingly similar to a Ruckus Trademark. This includes company names, product or service names, trademarks, logos, slogans and social media names or handles. Examples of confusingly similar trademarks include misspellings, phonetic equivalents or foreign translations of Ruckus Trademarks, or Trademarks that rhyme with or sound like a Ruckus Trademark.
  • Other Improper Uses. Do not use Ruckus Trademarks in ways that may be confusing, misleading or falsely suggest our sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation. You may not use Ruckus Trademarks in a disparaging or unseemly manner (e.g., by using our barking dog logo in combination with objectionable words or images).
  • Trade Dress. You should not copy or imitate Ruckus’s trade dress or the “look and feel” of Ruckus webpages, user interfaces, product packaging or other marketing materials. This applies to things like our fonts, color scheme, graphics and other design elements associated with Ruckus. For example, your company webpage should not incorporate design elements of or look similar to one of our Ruckus webpages (e.g., by imitating our orange and black color scheme).
  • Style Guide. You should also follow the current version of our Style Guide for things like using our logo consistently (including with respect to placement, size and clear space) and staying true to our color scheme, preferred typeface, image style and other design elements.

Using Ruckus Code Names

We may use internal code names to identify products and services that are still in development and sometimes you may hear about these names. Please do not use these code names yourself unless you have been given express written permission (including email) from Ruckus. After we announce a product or service under its commercial name, however, you must refer to the product or service by its commercial name only, and not by the Ruckus code name. Ruckus does not accept any responsibility or liability for your use of any Ruckus code name.

Web Usage Guidelines

  • Domain Names. Do not use, register or seek to register (in any jurisdiction) a domain name that incorporates a Ruckus Trademark or that is confusingly similar to a Ruckus Trademark, without our permission.
  • Linking. You may “hyperlink” to the Ruckus homepage or “deeplink” directly to an interior page if you follow a few simple rules. You should not use such a link to present work created by Ruckus as your own, or in a manner that is confusing or falsely suggests our sponsorship, endorsement or affiliation. Use a deeplink only when there is a requirement for information about Ruckus products, services or technologies. Please clearly indicate that the end user is exiting your website and entering a Ruckus website.
  • Framing. You should not “frame” any Ruckus website, webpage or content. Framing is a form of linking that allows an end user to view a linked webpage within a “frame” in the original website.

Permission Requests, Reporting Misuse and Other Inquiries

To request permission to use a Ruckus Trademark, please e-mail us at

If you learn of any use of marks or logos that are identical or confusingly similar to a Ruckus Trademark, or if you become aware of any use of a Ruckus Trademark that is inconsistent with these guidelines, please help us protect our brand by sending an e-mail to

We welcome any other questions, comments, concerns or suggestions about these guidelines. Simply send us an e-mail at