Small and Medium Business

SMB Wi-Fi and Network Solutions that Just Work

Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) rely on worry-free, high-performance Wi-Fi to spark growth and boost productivity. With Ruckus, Wi-Fi for business is both easy and affordable. Turn any space into a workspace with dependable network coverage. Easily set up different types of secure guest networks on the fly to engage with customers, partners, suppliers, and contractors. Ruckus access points (APs) and switches offer superior coverage and capacity, so you can grow without going over budget. 

You also don’t need specialized IT staff or extensive training to deploy and manage your Ruckus small business Wi-Fi solutions. With Ruckus, it just works.

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Transforming Cancer Research with a New Network Model

  • Successfully deployed a high-capacity network that enables on-demand file transfer between storage and compute resources
  • Enabled self-service research capabilities with high stability
  • Maximized researchers’ ability to easily study multiple patients in multiple scenarios

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Ruckus High-Capacity Network

Controller-less and Cloud-managed Wi-Fi Options

No IT staff? No problem.  Ruckus Unleashed APs are plug-and-play simple, so Unleashed is the ideal Wi-Fi small business solution for your single-site business. Even without an IT staff, you can set up a high-performance WLAN to connect employees, serve customers, and support business operations.

Choose Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi if you have big expectations for your multi-site WLAN, but not big IT budgets or staff. Manage your sites from anywhere using a single-pane-of-glass web UI or the Ruckus Cloud mobile app. With cloud-managed Wi-Fi you never have to worry about software updates and security upgrades—they’re handled automatically.

Running Your SMB Business Over Wi-Fi

In a world increasingly dependent on internet connectivity, employee productivity and customer satisfaction depend on uninterrupted network access. You want the best Wi-Fi AP for your business. Ruckus APs and switches incorporate patented technologies for superior throughput, coverage, and capacity.

Ruckus also ensures a rock-solid foundation for cloud-based business applications that make you more competitive, including: mobile inventory management, point-of-sale, collaboration services, customer relationship management, and ecommerce.

Wi-Fi for Business Gains and Cost Reductions

As you expand your small business Wi-Fi network, you want to be conservative with costs. Our products and services are built with cost savings in mind. Here are just a few of the ways we achieve that for you:

  • Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi keep costs down by eliminating the need for on-premises controllers and reducing dependence on expensive IT resources.
  • Use Ruckus APs with SmartMesh to eliminate high cabling costs in large spaces (like warehouses) and strengthen redundancy. Both Ruckus Unleashed and Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi support meshing. 
  • Ruckus APs offer better capacity and coverage (handing as much as 50% more clients than competitive solutions). Fewer APs needed means savings on licenses, cable runs, switch ports, and power.
  • Ruckus ICX switches offer easily upgradeable and scalable high performance connectivity for APs, VoIP phones and other network devices.  Available with silent operation (i.e. no fan noise) in rack-mount or compact 12-port form factor.  

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Let's Go Fitness

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Ruckus Unleashed provides customers and staff with the best coverage in Wi-Fi.

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Case Study

Transforming Cancer Research with a New Network Model

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

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