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Amplify the Fan Experience with Powerful Stadium Wi-Fi

The roar of the crowd! The thrill of live action! The wailing of fans who can’t get a Wi-Fi connection...

If you run a stadium or arena, you’d like to focus on those first two aspects of the fan experience. But the third has, unfortunately, become the status quo. It’s no secret why: huge crowds in close proximity, nearly all of them using smartphones, create an extremely challenging wireless environment.

You meticulously plan every aspect of your venue to provide an amazing fan experience. It’s time for your Wi-Fi to catch up. Ruckus can help. We’ve provided champion-caliber Wi-Fi for huge events with mass audiences around the globe, including the World Cup final. We can help you deliver a wireless experience worthy of the product fans came to see. So you can keep people happier and more engaged in your venue, and grow your revenues.

Large Venue

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Connect Your Audience in New Ways

Can you get 60,000 fans connected at once? In most large venues, the answer is a hard “no.” Even when fans are lucky enough to get a connection, extreme high density means that Wi-Fi is slow, frustrating and prone to cut out at any moment.

Ruckus offers state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology built for performance in large public venues. With innovations like smart roaming and band steering, and our patented Beamflex+ adaptive antenna technology, you can give everyone a strong, consistent connection. And you can use those connections to deliver custom content – even live video – bringing fans closer to the action.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Great Wi-Fi creates happier fans and more return visits. But it also gives you a platform to operate your venue more intelligently and profitably. Use your Wi-Fi to:

  • Reach your audience directly with personalized and location-based promotions
  • Empower vendors to move to high revenue-generating areas without being limited by wired connections
  • Improve vendor and staff productivity by providing live or predictive information about visitor flows, real-time product availability and pricing information, and more
  • Create new kinds of fan experiences by broadcasting the action, along with other related content, directly to suites

Expand the Experience Beyond the Show

Why should the fan experience stop at the walls of your venue? When you provide great Wi-Fi, fans can share their experiences through social media, amplifying it to millions and building online buzz. And remember: for every one of the thousands of fans logging onto your Wi-Fi, you can now identify and reach out to them after the show. So you can continue to connect with your best customers and make them more loyal.

eSports Wi-Fi FTW!

eSports stadiums and arenas present an extremely demanding environment for wireless networks. 802.11ax will help, but legacy devices with similar efficiencies can bridge the gap to adoption and future proof your infrastructure. Our proprietary features give stadiums the edge they need in a highly competitive market.

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"The new APs have helped to create a more immersive and interactive fan experience by supporting the smooth streaming of HD and 4K video."

VP of IT of Providence Park with the Portland Timbers

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