Physical Security

Protect People, Assets and Infrastructure

Whether you represent an enterprise, institution or city, you need to protect your people, assets and infrastructure in public and private spaces alike. You're probably doing physical security right now, be it video surveillance, asset management or access control. But you could be doing so much more.

How do you keep assets from walking out the door? How do you support 4K video cameras? How do you deal with the headaches of running power and Ethernet to every device, especially outdoors?

Ruckus and its trusted security ecosystem partners are here to help. The same Ruckus network that provides connectivity to your customers, employees or citizens also makes complex outdoor camera deployments simple, asset tracking easy, and wireless access control affordable.

Golden 1 Center

The Golden 1 Center is an indoor arena, located in Downtown Sacramento, California. It is home to the Sacramento Kings NBA basketball team. The Golden 1 Center hosts up to 17,500 fans on any given day and is the world’s most connected indoor sports and entertainment venue through the most powerful Wi-Fi services. The arena is equipped with over 1,000 indoor and outdoor 802.11ac Ruckus access points, ICX switches, SmartCell Gateway, Virtual SPoT, and SmartCell Insight to make the Golden 1 Center the most connected arena in the world.


Simplify Public Venue Complexity

Public venues—convention centers, airports, stadiums, shopping malls, hotels—have, arguably, the most complex connectivity and security requirements of any location. Solid Wi-Fi for visitors and staff is table stakes. If venues want to keep visitors coming back and staying longer, they need to offer services like lost-person tracking, wayfinding and easier retail transaction processing. Behind the scenes, they need venue-wide security camera coverage, strong access control and a way to protect fixed assets from theft and damage. And everything needs to be secure. Ruckus delivers high-performance, secure, reliable access to applications and services, no matter how tough the environment:

  • Established interoperability with security vendors like TrackR and for asset tracking and geolocation, and Pelco and Axis for high-definition IP cameras, enables simple, secure, and integrated connectivity and security implementations.
  • An array of indoor, outdoor and special-purpose access points (APs) provide exceptional Wi-Fi performance to connect people and things and deliver awesome experiences, even in the toughest environments.
  • Ruckus Cloudpath security and policy management software can secure every physical device—even IoT devices like cameras and point-of-sale terminals.

Cut Your Cable Count

Better physical security inevitably translates to more cameras, with higher resolution. Buying more cameras is easy. Installing more cameras is hard. Ensuring adequate bandwidth to support each of them is even harder:

  • Outdoor APs like the T710 are all-around athletes that deliver blistering speed, PoE-out—so you don’t need to run a second power cable—and high-bandwidth mesh backhaul—so you don’t have to run Cat5/Cat6 cable to every camera.
  • Switches like the low profile, fanless ICX 7150 can power the cameras that do need an Ethernet connection, with the ability to provide both PoE and PoE+ power out.

Use the Radio Technology That Fits Best

Not every security sensor or device runs on Wi-Fi. That doesn’t mean you need a stand-alone Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZWave or Zigbee network. You can use the same Ruckus APs that provide better Wi-Fi connections to connect practically any physical security device.

  • Indoor APs like the Ruckus R710, R610 and H510 are equipped with USB ports that can be used to support a range of IoT connectivity options such as BLE, ZWave and Zigbee.

Manage Your Assets, Cut Your Losses

If you don’t know where your assets are, some of them are bound to disappear. Ruckus offers two ways to keep track of your devices wherever they are:

  • Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) provides location fixes for Wi-Fi client devices. Included with SPoT is an asset-tracking application that lets you keep track of any Wi-Fi-enabled asset, with alerts to let you know if it’s crossed a pre-defined boundary.
  • Ruckus APs work together with products from TrackR and to provide BLE tag-based asset tracking over large areas at a low per-unit cost. Unique asset identification combined with advanced edge computing algorithms on Ruckus APs allows asset movement detection in real-time, mapping location to a room-floor-building-campus and enabling fine-grained geofencing.

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