Location Analytics

Drive Efficiency and Customer Engagement

Brick and mortar stores, using traditional location analytics such as door counters and cameras, are unable to segment and target their customers as effectively as their online counterparts. These businesses are also at the risk of losing revenue through staff misallocation and less-than-optimum in-store displays. With Ruckus Smart Positioning technology (SPoT) location services, retailers, stadiums, and transportation hubs can enhance the way they interact with customers, based on precise location.

SPoT generates operationally significant data that help businesses build an in-depth understanding of their venue and improve overall efficiency. Deployed on top of Ruckus WLANs, Ruckus SPoT has flexible deployment options, doesn’t require any additional hardware, and has unlimited scalability in the cloud.


Gain valuable business insights with granular location data

Having consistently low sales at a store or facing difficulties in gaining campaign visibility from your target customers? Ruckus SPoT location engine synthesizes usable location information that can help drive strategic decisions to improve operational and campaign efficiency. Gather key customer insights and develop new engagement models through footfall analytics with no additional installation or downloads from the user’s end.  SPoT supports unlimited devices and venues through cloud architecture, all the while ensuring data privacy. With Ruckus SPoT, you can:

  • Track real-time location of consumers to better plan venue layouts and displays
  • Optimize staffing levels based on customer inflow with footfall data
  • Exclude resident Wi-Fi devices from location analytics to generate data with higher accuracy

Drive revenue and customer engagement with ecosystem solutions

Targeting and retaining customers has become increasingly difficult for brick and mortar stores. Ruckus SPoT offers secure RESTful APIs that ecosystem partners can leverage to develop industry-specific location-based services (LBS).  LBS enables you to provide customers which a unique shopping experience and:

  • Develop a better understanding of customer demographic
  • Increase user-engagement through targeted promotions, discounts and loyalty programs
  • Offer targeted programs for high value customers
  • Analyze marketing campaign efficiency

Some of our ecosystem partners are AisleLabs, RaGaPa, SkyFii and Purple Wi-Fi

Track high-value assets to minimize inventory loss

Organizations with high-value assets are prone to losing these assets or have them stolen. SPoT eases the burden on strained IT teams by keeping track of high value wi-fi assets for them. SPoT provides real-time and historical location data of pre-configured assets. Simply enter the device’s unique MAC address on the asset tracking dashboard to locate it. Organizations using SPoT asset tracking can

  • Instantly pinpoint any device’s real-time location and provide up to 7 days of historical location data
  • View historical heat maps of where devices have been and how long they spent there
  • Configure alerts for when devices enter or leave a location to reduce theft and loss
  • Better identify users’ location during an emergency

Ruckus SPoT caters to different businesses through a range of deployment options

Ruckus SPoT can be purchased as a cloud-based subscription service or as a virtualized instance deployed on-premises with no recurring costs. SPoT also comes in two levels of service to cater to different business needs:

SPoT Point – Detects client locations in real-time through drop pin analytics, within a range of 3-10 m at 80% confidence. SPoT Point is the best option for venues with high access point (AP) density.

SPoT Presence - Detects overall number of devices positioned to the nearest Ruckus AP using proximity analysis. SPoT Presence is the best option for smaller venues with low AP count.

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